Mammography is the most important imaging technique in the early diagnosis of breast cancer by examining the breast with a small portion of X-ray. It is the unique examination that is proven to be life-saving and life-prolonging against breast cancer, all over the world. It is used with the aim of detention of the anomalies in the breast, which cannot be noticed by regular examination.

Breast cancer occurs as a result of uncontrolled proliferation of the cells in the mammary duct and glands. Because of this, mammography suggests a key position in early-diagnosis of breast cancer by imaging those tissues.

Mammography scan does not require a preparation. During the examination, breast is squeezed between two plastic layers for couple of seconds. For this reason, it is suggested this imaging to be made in the first week following the end of the mensuration, when the breasts are the least sensitive.

The reasons of squeezing in the mammography are:

  • Thinning the breast tissue and provide less radiation to the patient.
  • Ensuring the breast is motionless so that the quality of the image is high.
  • Avoiding the overlap of the tissues in the breast in order to prevent from wrong-diagnostic.

It is highly important to raise awareness to breast cancer, which is one of the most common cancer types, and to be sensitive about mammography to fight this cancer in early stage.

Therefore, even there is no complaint; every woman after age of 40 should have mammography scans in regular periods.


Due to the concern that it may affect the quality of the viewing; deodorant, powder, crème, lotion or similar cosmetic products should not be used in the breast and armpit area before the scan.