Established by founders with medical doctor back-grounds in Ankara, Turkey; GOFICS is a leader imaging brand, active in international arena.

Our imaging centers, with the state of art equipment and infrastructure, provide service with their experienced doctors and technicians.

Starting to provide service in the health sector in 1997, SILA Group increased its business volume in a short period of time. Besides contributing the development of private sector in Turkey; SILA Group also carried its principle of providing service with quality, trustworthiness and feasibility to all around the world with its hospital projects in many countries.

Companies within the umbrella of SILA Group are serving in the fields of health, construction, industry, energy, consulting, occupational health and safety, informatics, education and real estate. The Group companies carrying the SILA brand are creating difference in both Turkey and international area with their field knowledge, experience and innovative approach.

SILA Group was one of the key investors of the revolutionary PPP Hospital projects in Turkey. Within its consortium, SILA took the responsibility of establishment and management of 10.000 bed hospitals in total.

SILA Group continues its journey in the fields of health and technology in many countries of the world with its thousands of employees.


GOFICS enhances the principle of qualified and safe service with its technologic infrastructure and professional staff.

Aiming to increase the life-quality of the people with its health services, GOFICS team provides universal quality and standards to please its patients and patient relatives.

With its team and technologic equipment, GOFICS aims to be the role model in imaging services in Turkey and to be one of the reference brands in the global scale.

GOFICS team is a big family concluding its doctors, technicians and health personnel who love their jobs and value human nature.

GOFICS follows the newest developments in the imaging area and dynamically updates both the technical and medical knowledge of its team, as well as the technology it uses.

Working to always provide more efficient service, GOFICS cares the satisfaction of its service-takers and continuously develops itself.


The century that we live in is communication age. The greatest advantage of this is the world getting smaller with the help of the developments in informatics and internet.

GOFICS turned the medical technology and development into a tool serving the human health.

We are sharing the honor and happiness of providing the very most fundamental right of humanity: health service; to all geographies, without distinction, with equal, standard, modern and state of art infrastructure.

Dr. İhsan ŞAHİN Chairman of SILA Group