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In today’s World, Magnetic Resonance (MR/ MRG) is a radiation-free imaging technology used for especially imaging of soft tissues with the help of radio-waves within the magnetic field. MR/MRG is used for diagnosis.

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Tomography is a radiologic diagnostic method which shows the examination zone in quite thin layers with the help of X-ray. Due to the use of X-ray, it concludes radiation. Therefore, its use on pregnant should be avoided.

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Bone Densitometry is the measuring of the density, in other words the strength, of the bones. Using a small portion of X-ray, it determines the fragility risk of the bone. The aim of this examination is to find the mineral portion of the bone.

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The main difference between ultrasound and the other imaging methods is ultrasound being radiation-free and working without X-Ray. For this reason, it can be used for pregnant and babies conveniently.

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Colored-Doppler Ultrasonography is a system that enables to view the blood stream and the vessels with the help of ultrasonic sound-waves. Standard diagnostic-ultrasound has no recorded harm on human body up to this time.

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With the progressing technology, the options for imaging teeth and jaws are also variable. Panoramic Rontgen as the state of art in the teeth imaging technology enables to view structure and the smallest…..

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It is used as a significant tool of diagnostic as a fast and easy method. With X-Ray; bone fractures and cracks, anomalies in bone structure, and cysts can be examined whereas foreign bodies can be detected.

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Mammography is the most important imaging technique in the early diagnosis of breast cancer by examining the breast with a small portion of X-ray. It is the unique examination that is proven to be life-saving an…

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It is prepared in detail by our doctors and rapporteurs who are experts in the field of imaging services performed in our institution and coming from all over the world and this will take a very short time.

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GOFICS Medical Imaging Center.

Established by founders with medical doctor back-grounds in Ankara, Turkey; GOFICS is a leader imaging brand, active in international arena.

Our imaging centers, with the state of art equipment and infrastructure, provide service with their experienced doctors and technicians.


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